Rotary Dar-es-salaam


Beach Cleaning


Marine Conservation

Superdoll’s Environmental Stewardship: We at Superdoll have ¬†increasingly recognized the importance of environmental conservation. Participating in beach cleaning activities demonstrates a commitment to preserving natural ecosystems and reducing pollution.

Why the Initiative?

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Awareness

While recognizing the importance of environmental conservation, the beach cleaning activity has shown the comitment of Mr Seif to preserving natural environments and addressing issues such as plastic pollution.

Impactinig and Engaing the Community

While we believe that the products we manufacture and distribute are eco friendly to the the environment, we still have alot of other wastes being deposited in our water bodies. Taking care of the environment will still remain everyone of u's responsibility.

Promotion of Sustainable Values:

Most of our wastes end up in water bodies hence beach cleaning aligns with our values of promoting sustainable and eco-friendly environment.